February is to cheetah, as March is to turtle: The Best of March

I have a feeling you’re tired of hearing it, but man was March long. Whereas February was a breeze, I felt like March was three months long before the first week was over. Whereas. Does that remind anyone else of the analogy  questions we used to have on tests in school?

Pop quiz!

  1. Apple is to fruit, whereas carrot is to ___.
  2. Coffee is to cup, whereas soup is to ___.
  3. Stinky is to Beaker the dog, whereas adorable is to ___.

Answers: vegetable, bowl, and Little K.

What? You’re saying that last one wasn’t on your ACT test? Well it should have been. Look at how sweet my baby boy is. I’ve got more Easter pictures on the way too – that post is coming soon! And guess what! It involves eggs. (Are you surprised?)

Anyhow, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. March was long. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we’re all hungry for Spring and it just doesn’t seem to come. And Easter screwed me up this year. We did Easter in Wisconsin with my family and whenever we see one another we always part ways telling the other when we’ll see each other again. It only happens once a month or every other month, so we like to remind one another that we’ll see them again soon. Well I think we left off in February saying “see you in a few weeks for Easter!” A few weeks was two months. But, finally, Easter came and went, and with it March. So, without further ado. Here is the best of March!

Best of the best: The two total package recipes this month! Chocolate chip banana bread and Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce.

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My garlic press goes vroom! (Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta)

Things are looking up around here!

  1. I made some scones (stay tuned for the review!) and I can smell them baking. This cold is whipped.
  2. Little K went in for a weight check today and he went up two percentage points to the 6th percentile in weight and seven percentage points to the 25th percentile in height! My tall, skinny baby is gonna look like his daddy!
  3. Spring is coming. Know how I know? Today when I let the dogs out, instead of walking to the edge of the deck, seeing the snow and running back to jump throw themselves on the door until I let them back in, they did their business and then proceeded to lay down on the deck and sun themselves.

A couple of days ago, I wasn’t feeling so optimistic and wanted a quick meal to fill our bellies, but I had no energy to give to the prep. I also had nothing on hand. I found this recipe using pasta, a can of tuna, some red pepper flakes, and a lemon. Perfect.

Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta

Overall: three-star

This was a pretty good recipe for what it was: something I could throw together quick, using just the ingredients I have in my pantry. The flavor was pretty subtle, but it was healthy and fresh. (Recipe here, from Real Simple.)

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Manhandling it like an enchilada (Lasagna Rolls)

It’s me, E. I need to set the record straight on a couple things.

Ok, so Krystal got most things about me right and has been pretty flattering. But she hasn’t talked about my skills in the kitchen.

Fair enough, there aren’t that many skills that I possess in the kitchen. In fact, I have a tendency to be dangerous. Not in the “boiling noodles started on fire” sense, but more in the “this recipe calls for 1,328 ingredients!?!?” sense. I commit to recipes that are WELL beyond my capabilities (e.g. my steaks are still exclusively served in hues of grey.) But of all the weird recipes I may try and botch, there is a holy quadrinity that I will only attempt if I know I’ll emerge victorious:

  • Enchiladas
  • Nachos
  • Chili
  • Lasagna

One of my favorite webcomics: garfield minus garfield. It has apparently never mentioned lasagna.Now that I say it out loud type it out loud that makes sense.

So when I told Krystal I was making lasagna rolls and she responded with skepticism, I was stunned. She apparently dozed off during that part of our vows where I said, “I promise never to muck up lasagna.” Certainly not the weirdest wedding vows ever, but still something I took very seriously.

The result was magnificent, beautiful, and delicious. Heck, during prep I told Krystal they were upgraded from “easy” to make to “fun” to make. So, without further adieu, I present my first guest post on this blog. E made…

Lasagna Rolls

Overall: five-star

Lasagna Rolls

Un-photoshopped proof that I am useful in the kitchen.

After digging through the weird and boring lasgana recipes on Pinterest, Kelly’s recipe promised salvation. Not only did it come with a great story of failure and redemption (#eInjectingDramaAndHashTags), but it was straight-forward and simple. I thought I was being Minnesota Nice when I told Krystal I wanted to give it 5 stars, but despite her usual brutal critiques she said “well duh” and sealed the deal. Further points were earned by the recipe for being so delicious that when I skipped a step, the tastiness prevailed! (Recipe here, from Something Shiny.)

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Pinterest Overload: Skillet Chicken Parmesan (Updated)

Know what the problem with Pinterest is? It’s so freaking addicting!! I’m working on a Pinterest challenge (I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow) and so I’ve been spending more time over there than usual. Picture me waking up in the morning and pouring myself a warm cup of coffee, opening up Pinterest, thinking “ok, I’m gonna peruse the food and drink category.” Next thing you know it’s 2am, I’ve drank at least three pots of coffee, and I’m still wearing my pajamas. It’s a very dangerous possibility. Stay safe, be smart – have a Pinterest rescue buddy who will steal your computer if you’ve been on Pinterest for more than three hours straight. Little K is my buddy. Who’s yours?

No more computer time for you, Mom! (Actually, that’s not my computer. Mine is orange and blue, not yellow and blue.)

The point is, I have yet another Pinterest recipe that I tried for dinner the other day. I will again open up a real cookbook one of these days.

Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Overall: three-star

This is a very quick, very easy recipe. I didn’t find the flavor all that great though – pretty bland. A winner if you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal, though. (Recipe here.)

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Penne Alla Betsy – Take Three

So last week about this time I told you we had been cancelled on by both our friend with a brake-less car, as well as a five month old baby. Well last night was our third try at getting together. (The week before we had cancelled on her because both E and I were battling a pretty gruesome cold.) I am happy to report that we finally got to get together with the lovely Beth! Which means, we got to have Pioneer Woman’s Penne Alla Betsy!


Traffic, traffic everywhere.

After Beth’s car plunked out last week, I told her I was expecting everyone to be healthy (check – although it was a close call! Beth had been sick all week long.), everyone to have fully functional cars (check – Beth actually bought a new car, so the old car a.k.a. Bessie Lou was no longer an issue.), and we would be enjoying 80 degrees and sunshine. Hmm. I think I jinxed it. We enjoyed yet another cold snap this week with -20 degrees at night. And, just before rush hour last night big beautiful snow flakes started falling. I would have enjoyed them since I worked from home yesterday, if it weren’t for the fact that Beth had to drive all the way across town. She left her house at 4:45 and arrived at ours at 6:45.

Fortunately she arrived safely and we had an awesome night enjoying penne, gorgonzola apple salad from Zpizza, pots de creme, Munchkin, and Mario Party 9.

Penne Alla Betsy

Overall: four-star

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