When retro is new again (Pineapple Upside Down Cake in a Skillet)

skipaheadOver the weekend we celebrated my littlest sister and her 19th year. Yes, my sister is entering into her last teen year. I just can’t believe it. She’ll always be my baby sister though. After all, when I’m 99 she’ll only be 89. Spring chicken!

My baby sister and my baby boy.

My baby sister and my baby boy.

To celebrate her birthday, we went to the zoo and then made any cake she wanted. She could have chosen a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate ice cream. Or a lemon infused three-tiered cake with butter cream frosting. But no, she chose pineapple upside-down cake. And when I told her she was being retro and a little bit too easy on me she blinked back at me confused. Apparently 19 is too young to know that a pineapple upside-down cake is old-school.

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (In an Iron Skillet)

Overall: four-star

DSCF48701This is such a throw back recipe. It reminds me something that my grandmother probably made as a newlywed. I’d never made it though and it was really pretty good. The flavor didn’t blow me away, but it was easy to make and such a sweet presentation. (Recipe here, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.) Continue reading


It came out of right field (Lemon Rosemary Scones)

I’m notorious for getting sayings wrong or just using a wrong – but similar – word for something. Last week I told my coworker, “Well that really came out of right field.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, or left field.” If my good friend, Beth, were there she would have asked me, “Krystal, are you having a stroke?” I’m usually off just enough with these things that I just end up sounding crazy.

Case in point:

Once in an interview at Beth’s company I explained to FOUR managers that, “I’m really over the hill about working with a CMS.” I was trying to say, “I’m really over the moon.” I’m excited, I enjoy it, it gives me pleasure. Instead I said I’m really old and perhaps out of touch when working with a CMS.

Over Thanksgiving dinner this year I was explaining to my entire family how difficult it is to be a working mom who breastfeeds, especially when I have to pump in the middle of a daylong conference. I said, “How awkward to walk of a closet carrying bottles of my own excrement.” Umm, no, that’s not what I meant. Excretion. Excretion is what I meant. Not a whole lot better, but it’s not poop.

The other day I was chatting with E and talking about my ability to care for plants. I said, “It’s not that I’m a black eye, but I don’t want to have a rainforest in my house either.” E just nodded and continued with the discussion, two minutes later I realized what I had just said and yelled out, “Black THUMB!” He knew. He married me, he knew.

Several years ago E and I were walking out to our car at the mall and I said, “Where did we park? I’m so disillusioned.” Well, perhaps. But meant I was disoriented. Can I help it if I was born dizzy?! [name that reference]

I say things like this so often, I have started to avoid certain words because I just *know* I’ll say them wrong.

  • gesticulate: For some reason this word and testicle are all wrapped together in my mind.
  • literally: It literally drives me up a wall when I misuse this word. Ok, not literally.
  • self-deprecating: Am I the only one who thinks that’s just too easy to confuse with defecating. Although I do have self-deprecating humor, I don’t want to misstep and say I’m pooping myself. #awkward
  • sconce vs. scone: Ok, I’m actually throwing this one in here for my mom. She always calls the delightful pastry a sconce, which I find ridiculous.

Luckily I know the difference because I made some to share at a brunch with my best girl friends this weekend.

Kerin, Nicole, and Tara. Nicole hosted and made an amazing croissant ring with eggs and bacon.
So so good.

A couple of our main men crashed the brunch too.

Little K and Colin, best buds.

Lemon Rosemary Scones

Overall: four-star

These took a bit longer to prepare because of the glazing process, and in my opinion it made them way too sweet. So I think this could very easily be a five star recipe. (Recipe here, from The Pioneer Woman.)

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Facial Hair, or lack thereof (Crash Hot Potatoes)

The other night during dinner I told E he needed a haircut. In reply he said, “Yeah. I should probably shave too. But, when I don’t shave my face kind of feels like a teddy bear.” Umm, okay.

It’s true my man could never rock the Ned Flanders ‘stache. Believe me, he tried.  A couple of years ago he participated in Movember and this happened:

Movember Progress

Horrifying. I had to kiss that face good morning every day for a month, boys and girls. And the fact that his whiskers could be likened to a teddy bear, probably doesn’t put him in Ron Swanson’s good graces. E, go hammer a nail for crying out loud!!

The jury is still out on whether or not Little K will rock E’s hairless mole rat look (I shouldn’t joke, he’s proud of his two chest hairs) or Papa Wiesenberg’s Rip van Winkle look.


But there is this:

This picture is probably 3 months old and I don’t know if he’s sported the mustache pacifier since.

I think the look suits him.

What is the point? I don’t know. There isn’t one. But anyhow, crash potatoes. I made them for dinner the other night and we loved them! Until E said his face was like a teddy bear. Then I slowly backed away from the table.

Crash Hot Potatoes

Overall: four-star

The flavor in these were amazing. We loved them. But they were a pain in the arse to make. Mostly because Pdubs said they’d be just so easy, so I entered into this under false pretenses. Here’s the real story. (Recipe here, from Pioneer Woman.)

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Penne Alla Betsy – Take Three

So last week about this time I told you we had been cancelled on by both our friend with a brake-less car, as well as a five month old baby. Well last night was our third try at getting together. (The week before we had cancelled on her because both E and I were battling a pretty gruesome cold.) I am happy to report that we finally got to get together with the lovely Beth! Which means, we got to have Pioneer Woman’s Penne Alla Betsy!


Traffic, traffic everywhere.

After Beth’s car plunked out last week, I told her I was expecting everyone to be healthy (check – although it was a close call! Beth had been sick all week long.), everyone to have fully functional cars (check – Beth actually bought a new car, so the old car a.k.a. Bessie Lou was no longer an issue.), and we would be enjoying 80 degrees and sunshine. Hmm. I think I jinxed it. We enjoyed yet another cold snap this week with -20 degrees at night. And, just before rush hour last night big beautiful snow flakes started falling. I would have enjoyed them since I worked from home yesterday, if it weren’t for the fact that Beth had to drive all the way across town. She left her house at 4:45 and arrived at ours at 6:45.

Fortunately she arrived safely and we had an awesome night enjoying penne, gorgonzola apple salad from Zpizza, pots de creme, Munchkin, and Mario Party 9.

Penne Alla Betsy

Overall: four-star

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Pots de Crème and Social Awkwardness

So, apparently I stink. Or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after a friend of ours cancelled on dinner tonight and then a five month old baby cancelled too!

DSCF4558Our good friend was scheduled to come over for dinner tonight. I was making Penne alla Betsy and Pots de Crème (pronounced po-de-crem), both from Pioneer Woman. Well Pots de Crème need to be made a few hours ahead of time so they have time to set up in the fridge, so I prepared them this morning. Not long after, I got a message from my friend that her brakes went out of her car! Yikes!! So we both agreed that she should probably stay put until they were either fixed, or she had a new car.

Well, I thought, thats ok! E and I will feast on Pots de Crème, plus E’s cousin Joel was dropping off his five month old son for us to babysit tonight. So I could score some brownie points (literally!), and share the chocolate bounty with Joel. Until I found out that Baby C would rather spend the night with his Grandpa than with us! Hey now! That’s two cancellations in one night! One is an unfortunate event, another is something all together different. Do we smell? (I’m blaming Little K’s stinky diapers and excessive spitting.) Is the house a mess? (Yes, always.) Are we poor company? (Sometimes, yes. E’s jokes are sometimes a little painful. “What’s black and white and black and white and black and white? A panda rolling down a hill.” Har!)

Well with our freshly freed up schedule, we decided to have a movie night with an incredible dessert!

Pots De Crème

Overall: five-star

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