Egg Wars! (Creamy Herb Deviled Eggs Recipe)

skipaheadFor Easter this year we went down to Southern Wisconsin, where my parents live. It is a long drive, compounded by traveling with a baby and two dogs. It was definitely worth it though. We had a blast seeing all of my family and catching up.

Great Grandma (Gigi) and Little K

Though Little K ended up getting two top teeth (yay for balancing out his smile!) and a terrible fever along with them, we did come home with some pretty fun goodies. Little K got some fun toys from the Easter Bunny and his very own adirondack chair.

Silly bunny hid Little K’s basket under his pack and play!

Mmm, Peeps! (For mommy and daddy…)

I fared ok too. First of all my mom gave me this beautiful deviled eggs plate that she had gotten as a wedding gift:

Ooo, shiny. And secondly, purdy eggs:

Do you decorate your eggs as intricately as this? That’s Little K’s egg (Rachel’s handiwork) with the big red tractor. We decorate eggs every year. And we’re serious about this project. This year we decorated seven dozen eggs. Don’t worry, only a mild cholesterol spike for us, each family only took about a dozen home.

What does any sane person do with all those eggs? Well, first you have an egg war.

After a couple eggs have sparred one another and been defeated, you make deviled eggs. What other option did I have?!

Creamy Herb Deviled Eggs Recipe

Overall: three-star

I made these as the main recipe calls for, and I made some that I “greek-ifyed.” The magazine has a bonus tip that says to add lemon, mint, and cucumber to give a Greek flair (I didn’t have cucumbers, so I used kalamata olives). Either way, I didn’t like them. E would give them a better rating than I would, but in my book I’d pick the traditional deviled eggs with mayo and mustard 99 times out of 100. However, if you’re looking for something a little healthier, this is the way to go! (Recipe here, from Taste of Home.) Continue reading


Snow Day Fake Out (Two Ingredient Pancakes)

Yesterday was a snow day, in theory. I expected E, Little K, and I would hunker down here at home and work/play in our respective corners of the house. Well E ended up having to run into work after all, my computer charger plunked out and sent me off to the Apple Store, and Little K decided to be a major fuss bucket. Granted, he does have a good reason. He has two teeth coming in on the top – not the two you’d expect though. Here is a extremely realistic rendition of what he’ll look like once these teeth come in:


Bit of a lop sided grin… His mood gets a little feisty for a couple hours and then he’s back to the giggly little guy he normally is. Then he fusses for a while, and then back to himself. It’s a cycle I can deal with.

Well despite the fact that we all were dragged out into the snow yesterday, our day still started off like a snow day: with PANCAKES!

Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Overall: three-star

Man, the ingredient list on these things was rough. Ok, not really. Banana and two eggs, that’s it. They weren’t as hard to prep as I expected and the flavor was ok. They definitely are pretty healthy (sans butter, syrup, chocolate chips…) and have a light texture – a lot like a crêpe. (Recipe here, submitted by Rachel.)

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You think you know hiphop (Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce)

All weekend, E has been at the Midwest PHP conference, leaving me to my own devices. So far I have decided to use this time by reading, lazing in front of the TV, and shopping. It’s been a good couple of days…

When E was getting ready to leave yesterday morning, he asked me to check what time a particular session started. I pulled up the website and looked at the session schedule. I noticed two things:

  1. There was only one woman presenting (Sara Goleman).
  2. She was presenting “Scaling PHP with HipHop.”

Disappointed, I told E, “Jeez, only one woman and she has to do some watered down version of a seminar? Teaching the language using hiphop.” E stared at me for a minute and then started laughing. Apparently HipHop is a music genre, but it’s also a open source project used by Facebook developers. Uhhh, embarrassing, right?

Well apparently E didn’t think so. At the conference he ran into Sara and led with the story of his ditzy wife thinking HipHop was hiphop. E tells me he didn’t tell it quite like that. Regardless, I’m mortified! Let this be a lesson to you:


Something I do know though: if you bake eggs, tomatoes, and goat cheese you will be happy.

Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Overall: five-star

This recipe is the total package. Affordable, easy, healthy, and so so good. E told me this might be his favorite meal. It’s comforting and you can make it for any meal. I usually make it for dinner, but it’d make a great breakfast too! (Recipe here, by A Cozy Kitchen.)

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A Country Omelette with Country Eggs

Tips & Techniques:
Making a country omelette

Everyone has that one relative that stands out from all the rest, right? The one that makes you laugh harder, smile bigger, and – yes – more embarrassed than another relative can. For me, that person is my Aunt Y. She has the biggest heart and never lets fear of judgement stop her from having fun. Y loves worships Pat Benatar and Pink. The woman starts screaming if you even mention one of their songs and she signs every text message with, “Hit me with your best shot and raise your glass high!” No joke. At my wedding I asked the DJ to limit the number of Pat Benatar songs played and even put a handful on the do not play list, but I didn’t even think about limiting the number of Pink songs played. I swear we must have danced to every song on the Funhouse album. Y’s personality is so infections that you’ll find yourself jumping and dancing around like a lunatic with her, not even knowing how you got there. After my wedding I had a bewildered friend who said, “did we all line up in a train – with Y at the beginning – and dance the conga to Funhouse at some point?” Yes, that happened.

Y and her family run a farm zoo as well. I’m pretty sure the next time I visit she’ll have llamas. Last time I was at her house there was a roving band of peacocks. Beautiful, but freaking annoying to listen to. Anyhow, they also have chickens and, because they can’t keep up with all the eggs they get, they sometimes share a dozen or two with us. So the last time my family visited, they brought us some farm-fresh eggs.

So for breakfast this morning, I decided to put the old rubber cement aside and make us some omelettes. I am terrible at making omelettes. So bad that a couple years ago I quit trying and just started making scrambled eggs instead. I grew up eating omelettes (err, probably omelets in this case) from one of those pans with a hinge in the middle. Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about. Ok, great. I don’t own such a pan now, nor do I ever care to (a girl can only store so much, for one thing). So E and I set out on the great omelette adventure of 2013.

We’re going off course a little here because I didn’t exactly follow a recipe, just some good advice. I had seen a video a while back from Chef Jacques Pepin on how to prepare a traditional omelette and a country style omelette. It’s stellar.

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