Egg Wars! (Creamy Herb Deviled Eggs Recipe)

skipaheadFor Easter this year we went down to Southern Wisconsin, where my parents live. It is a long drive, compounded by traveling with a baby and two dogs. It was definitely worth it though. We had a blast seeing all of my family and catching up.

Great Grandma (Gigi) and Little K

Though Little K ended up getting two top teeth (yay for balancing out his smile!) and a terrible fever along with them, we did come home with some pretty fun goodies. Little K got some fun toys from the Easter Bunny and his very own adirondack chair.

Silly bunny hid Little K’s basket under his pack and play!

Mmm, Peeps! (For mommy and daddy…)

I fared ok too. First of all my mom gave me this beautiful deviled eggs plate that she had gotten as a wedding gift:

Ooo, shiny. And secondly, purdy eggs:

Do you decorate your eggs as intricately as this? That’s Little K’s egg (Rachel’s handiwork) with the big red tractor. We decorate eggs every year. And we’re serious about this project. This year we decorated seven dozen eggs. Don’t worry, only a mild cholesterol spike for us, each family only took about a dozen home.

What does any sane person do with all those eggs? Well, first you have an egg war.

After a couple eggs have sparred one another and been defeated, you make deviled eggs. What other option did I have?!

Creamy Herb Deviled Eggs Recipe

Overall: three-star

I made these as the main recipe calls for, and I made some that I “greek-ifyed.” The magazine has a bonus tip that says to add lemon, mint, and cucumber to give a Greek flair (I didn’t have cucumbers, so I used kalamata olives). Either way, I didn’t like them. E would give them a better rating than I would, but in my book I’d pick the traditional deviled eggs with mayo and mustard 99 times out of 100. However, if you’re looking for something a little healthier, this is the way to go! (Recipe here, from Taste of Home.) Continue reading


Day-old Guac will Rock your Sock(s)

Last week I mentioned how E went out to the grocery store and picked up the essentials, not realizing I had just done the same. We ended up with half a dozen avocados. (Before you ask, yes avocados count as “essentials.” You can eat them for every meal – even Little K loves him some avocados.) I did the only thing that makes sense. I cut one in half and mashed it for Little K, eating the other half myself with a little sea salt (anyone else love sliced avocados with sea salt? Mmm.). Then I grabbed three more and made this guacamole from Budget Savvy Diva.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this recipe before, it might be Pinterest.

There are a few recipes I see over and over again on Pinterest. Mug brownies and this guac are probably the top two.

Chipotle Copycat Guac

Overall: four-star

I made this about a half hour before I served it and the onions and peppers were just way too dominant. Wait a couple hours and it’s amazing! Is it the secret twin of Chipotle guac? Not exactly, but it’s so close!

Continue reading