about me

My Family

Me, E, and Little K

I’m a farm kid from the land of green and gold (Go, Pack, go!). I moved to Minnesota for college and met my husband E. He’s a self-proclaimed computer geek that wooed me with Humphry the Bear videos and trips to see the Minnesota Orchestra. He challenges me every day to be the best me possible and I can’t imagine my life without him. Love you, E!

(If you don’t know Humphrey, get to know him today. My favorite cartoon ever!)

Waldo, also known as black dog, and Beaker, also known as little dog, fight over the comfy bed. Hmm, who’s alpha?

Our two pups, Waldo and Beaker, have dedicated themselves to shredding every cute chew toy we throw at them – but I love them for it.

We have a son, Little K, who was born in August 2012. He has stolen my heart and shown me what unconditional love really feels like. I fall in love with those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks 100 times a day.

My little penguin.

Both E and I work outside the home, though we’re lucky enough to have flexible schedules and home offices. E works at a tech start-up and I work at a trade organization in communications. On any given day you can find us toiling around in the yard, goofing off with Little K, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen.