A Bit of Housekeeping

Friends and Followers-

I’ve moved my blog to the WordPress.org system this week. This will allow me a lot more flexibility in my design and site set up, but most importantly it will allow me to use some fancy recipe plug ins. Once I fully transfer them all, the recipes that come out of hard copy cookbooks that I post here on Krystal cooks. will have lovely print features and other neat things like nutrition and serving size.

All this to say that if you were a follower of mine via WordPress.com or email, you need to re-follow me on my new site. I promise I won’t juggle things around like this again – at least for the foreseeable future. So, click here and follow me, add Krystalcooks.com to your reader, enter your email address on the right – whatever floats your boat!

Thanks all!

PS – If you’re an email subscriber, I’m going to try to transfer you over to the new system myself. If WordPress sends you an email confirming your updated subscription make sure you click “confirm follow” to finalize the subscription.


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