February is to cheetah, as March is to turtle: The Best of March

I have a feeling you’re tired of hearing it, but man was March long. Whereas February was a breeze, I felt like March was three months long before the first week was over. Whereas. Does that remind anyone else of the analogy  questions we used to have on tests in school?

Pop quiz!

  1. Apple is to fruit, whereas carrot is to ___.
  2. Coffee is to cup, whereas soup is to ___.
  3. Stinky is to Beaker the dog, whereas adorable is to ___.

Answers: vegetable, bowl, and Little K.

What? You’re saying that last one wasn’t on your ACT test? Well it should have been. Look at how sweet my baby boy is. I’ve got more Easter pictures on the way too – that post is coming soon! And guess what! It involves eggs. (Are you surprised?)

Anyhow, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. March was long. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we’re all hungry for Spring and it just doesn’t seem to come. And Easter screwed me up this year. We did Easter in Wisconsin with my family and whenever we see one another we always part ways telling the other when we’ll see each other again. It only happens once a month or every other month, so we like to remind one another that we’ll see them again soon. Well I think we left off in February saying “see you in a few weeks for Easter!” A few weeks was two months. But, finally, Easter came and went, and with it March. So, without further ado. Here is the best of March!

Best of the best: The two total package recipes this month! Chocolate chip banana bread and Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce.

Best way to get Diabetes: Ask Rachel to do a guest post on ice cream. Seriously, five flavors of ice cream for five guests? Not that I’m complaining…

Best loved fruit during the month of March: The lemon takes that award. I made Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta, Lemon Rosemary Scones, and Lemon Herb Rainbow Quinoa. #tart #notreally

Best way to ruin the mood: Tell your lady-friend your rugged man-beard is like a teddy bear. Which E did the night I made crash hot potatoes.

At least E can grow hair on top of his head! Though they both need to work on their tans. Pasty vs. sunburnt. I’m not sure which is better…

Best way to a girl’s heart: Same as a man’s. Food. When are you making lasagna rolls again, E? #swoon

This comic made me laugh. It’s the Garfield comic strip with all the panels of Garfield removed. Poor Jon Arbuckle. Without his lasagna loving cat, he’s just pitiful. (More comics here.)

Best word swap: Excrement instead of excretion. It’s a long story. I explained it in my Lemon Rosemary Scone recipe write up.

Best recipe submission: The caramel banana bread pudding. The two ingredient banana pancakes from Rachel were pretty good, but they just can’t compare to a recipe that calls for a can of dulce de leche, chocolate chips, and butter.

Best mispronunciation: Qwin-oye. One of the many mispronunciations at my house when we were preparing our Rainbow Quinoa Salad. (I know, it’s keen-wah.)

Best St. Pattie’s Day/April Fools Day dish: These green mashed potatoes that looked more than a little wacky. Truly, it’s not mold.

Your turn. How was your March? Our house seemed to be having some communication issues this month. Did you misuse any words, forget how to pronounce something, or casually liken your face to a teddy bear? Give me your best analogy question in the comments! I’m ready for my pop quiz!


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  1. Man, I should have studied harder for my ACTs… I would’ve picked something like “baby chicks” or “miniature cupcakes” for the last question! That chocolate chip banana bread has me drooling; it sounds absolutely phenomenal!

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