Test Drive (Savory Ricotta and Scallion Scones)

skipaheadI hope it finally feels like spring is on it’s way where you are. It definitely is peeking out of the shadows this week in Minnesota. All of the snow is starting the melt, leaving dead grass, road sand, and winter litter in it’s wake. I’ll take it though. A few weeks of brown and dirty is alright by me; I know that green and rainy is not far behind!

Last night I texted E and told him “family walk at 6.” It was a tiny bit chilly, but we took Little K out for a walk. The pups stayed home since this was our first “test drive” of Little K’s new ride, but we’ll bring them along next time for sure!

I did my own little test drive made these savory scones a few nights ago, my first attempt at making a savory bread. Although they were very tasty, I don’t expect I’ll be making them again in the near future. No sir. The spring bug got me. Salads, and fruits, and dinners on the grill for this girl! These scones are perfect with a bowl of soup on a rainy or snowy afternoon.

Savory Ricotta and Scallion Scones

Overall: four-star

I was really happy with how these turned out. Beautiful presentation, easy to make and yummy. I think they could have used a teeny bit more pizazz, next time I think I’ll add a little more paprika or even some cayenne pepper. (Recipe here, from Girl versus Dough on Tasty Kitchen.)

Ease to Prepare: five-star

I made these because I had some ricotta hanging around the fridge from the lasagna rolls and I had just bought a huge bundle of green onions. I stumbled across the recipe on Tasty Kitchen. It was as if we were meant for each other, a perfect fit. I used up the last of my ricotta and the scones were the perfect thing to serve alongside the quinoa. I love that you don’t have to roll anything out with this recipe – nothing with it is an exact science. Don’t meticulously measure your onions or get out a ruler when you pat out the dough. If these scones had a dress code, it’d be yoga pants and a tshirt. Not quite a pajama and unbrushed hair recipe, but don’t put on your sunday best either. The hardest thing with this recipe is cutting in the butter. I used to hate doing this, but I’ve learned to appreciate the process. I grew up just using a fork when we’d make pie crusts and I did the same thing here, but two knives or a pastry cutter would work well too.

Instructions: four-star

I followed the recipe over at Tasty Kitchen and it wasn’t until later that I followed the link over to Girl Versus Dough. I wish I had noticed her full write up earlier. Photos galore! My love. I wish the recipe had more detail about how much paprika to use. Obviously a lot of this is personal preference, but I just added a pinch to the tops with the salt and pepper. It mostly provided some color for appearance, but when I saw the recipe photos on Girl Versus Dough I realized I should have put a whole heck of a lot more on. They would have had more flavor and even more of that beautiful red coloring.

Food: four-star

I’ll be making these again, but with more paprika and perhaps some cayenne pepper. They were so yummy and went well with the soup and quinoa salad. They were just a little warm from the oven and it was perfect. A definite comfort food. I made a half batch and cut them a little smaller than I normally would have, so we had some leftover for the next day. They don’t hold up very long. They had dried out some, but were still tasty!

Clean up: five-star

You have to clean up your counter after patting out the dough, as well as a cookie sheet or two. But you were making scones, what did you expect?! I use the silicone baking sheets on my cookie sheets and it makes clean up a breeze, I highly recommend it!

Cost: one dollar

Nothing in this recipe is too expensive or out of the ordinary. I highly recommend following in my shoes and making these after you’ve made something calling for ricotta and you have a half-container of ricotta waiting to be used on something. This was the perfect fit!

This was my first foray in making savory scones, I was very happy with the results. What about you? Do you make a lot of savory breads or is the way to your heart through cinnamon and sugar?


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