Sinuses Revolt! (Chocolate Chip Banana Bread)

For the love of all things furry, when will I be able to breathe through my right nostril again?! I need balance in my life and thereby, balance in my nose. Either both nostrils need to be plugged or neither. If you hear about some madwoman on the news tonight screaming about “equality for all nostrils”, that was me.

Fortunately I do have some relief when I’m sleeping:

Think I could lay down on my desk and work? Totally acceptable, am I right?

Since I haven’t been feeling great for the past couple of days, I haven’t been in the mood to cook much. I did get around to making some comfort food for myself, though – sadly – I couldn’t taste much of it.

Judy’s Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Overall: five-star

We have another “total package” recipe on our hands! A very easy quick bread to make, but a nice added sweetness with the chocolate chips. I would say you could even serve this as a dessert with some coffee. (Recipe here, from Taste of Home.)

Ease to Prepare: five-star

An easy one to do one-handed (if you happen to have a seven-month-old baby who misses you after a whole day of daycare) and quick! I think it took me maybe 20 minutes to throw together, and with only one hand. Imagine how fast you could do it if you had both your hands! It does seem to take forever to bake though. I left it in for 65 minutes and wish I would have went closer to 75.

Instructions: five-star

I added my chocolate chips. Then I added another quarter cup or so. Because who the heck would put the bag away with just a few lonely chips in the bottom. That’s just sad and wrong.

I would usually say I’d like some photos of the prep, but this is such an easy recipe it would just be overkill. I love that Taste of Home offers the prep time, the yield, and the nutrition facts. Not that I usually let it sway me, but it still is nice to see if you’re into that sort of thing…

A tip: When you buy bananas and can’t use them before they go all brown and gross, toss them in the freezer instead of throwing them away. Then when you want to make a recipe like this, get them out and either thaw them on the counter or microwave them. You won’t even have to mash them, just cut off the top of the banana peel and squeeze out the banana like a tube of toothpaste.

Food: five-star

Sadly, I didn’t get the full flavor effect. *stupid cold* But E tells me it was amazing. We ate it hot out of the oven and the chocolate chips were still melty. It was incredibly moist, a little too moist in some spots [read: I wish I had baked it another 10 minutes]. The rave reviews it got from E has me inspired to make this again as soon as I can taste things again. Or as soon as I have another couple old bananas to use up, whichever comes first.

Clean up: five-star

oooey, gooey goodness.

As little clean up as you can possibly expect from banana bread. It came out of the loaf pan with no problem whatsoever – even without the parchment paper lining AND while it was still hot. #starsaligned

Cost: one dollar

Nothing expensive in this recipe, and it’s one where you can use up something that might otherwise go to waste!

Anyone else suffering from a cold and disharmony in the nose? What is your comfort food when you’re sick?


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