No, it’s not mold (Green Mashed Potatoes)

I have been so overwhelmed by the number of amazing St. Patrick’s Day recipes I’m seeing around the interwebs. I’m stunned into indecision. I don’t know what I’ll be making on Sunday. An all green meal? The more traditional corned beef and cabbage? Maybe a cheater meal of a reuben with loads of sauerkraut? Or, maybe everything will just involve a little Guinness. (Tell me what I should make here!)

As a little precursor to the *real* St. Pattie’s Day meal, I made some green potatoes for dinner last night. *no food coloring involved! Of course, now that I kicked off the “green holiday” on Friday it means the holiday will be three days long at our house. Now, this is happening:

Not really… Well, some of it. Little K  E has been running around screaming, “they’re after me lucky charms, heehee!” in an increasingly horrible Irish accent. (My husband has the sense of humor of an 8-year-old.) This afternoon we’re celebrating some more by going to see the Emerald City in Oz the Great and Powerful. (That’s how we “celebrate” St. Pattie’s these days. With a movie. *dorks* Oh, and some Guinness for dinner.)

Green Potatoes

Overall: two-star

This recipe boils down to potatoes and parsley. I imagined these to taste a little fresher or lighter somehow. It didn’t. It’s just mashed potatoes turned green.  (Recipe here, from Simply Recipes.)

Ease to Prepare: four-star

I left the skins on my potatoes because I hate to lose the flavor and the nutrients. But even if you have to peel a bunch of potatoes, this isn’t all that hard of a recipe. You boil, mash, purée, and mix it all together. Basically just prepare mashed potatoes like you normally would, but then add in a cup of puréed parsley and green onions.

Instructions: five-star

My very favorite site for the quality of instructions. Step by step photos – but not huge, giant photos. So it’s all very concise and easy to view on a reader. You don’t have to do any scrolling to see the entire recipe and photos on your screen. Unfortunately this isn’t the best recipe to showcase the site since it’s such an easy one to make! I do wish the recipe provided for more variants – adding in some garlic or cheese to up the flavor a little.

Food: two-star

Boo-ooring. The puréed onions add a nice flavor, but it’s very subtle. The thyme that I added during the boiling of the potatoes, is lost to me. I didn’t taste it at all. And the parsley is completely swallowed up, so essentially it’s plain jane mashed potatoes with a bit of onion flavor in the back. I can’t imagine making this for anything but the novelty of St. Pattie’s Day. If you do that though, here’s what you should do. Make your mashed potatoes like always. If you add cream cheese, add it. If you like a bunch of garlic, then add it – also, hi friend, I love you. If you think a bit of Parmesan cheese would just send you over the moon, throw it in!!  Then purée a cup of parsley and three or four green onions and add that into your mashed potatoes. You’ll have your favorite, flavorful mashed potatoes – but green.

Clean up: three-star

Imagine the amount of clean up you usually have for mashed potatoes (maybe you use a ricer. maybe it’s an immersion blender. maybe you’re like my mom and use a handheld mixer.) Ok, so you have that much clean up, plus a food processor.

Cost: one dollar

Potatoes, thyme, parsley, and three green onions. Oh, and a bit of milk and butter. Nothing that will break your bank

So, gang, what should I make – and thereby review – for St. Pattie’s Day? More importantly, what are you making? Anything Irish, green, or beer-infused; or will it be a regular Sunday for you?


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