Sugar-Induced Coma (Cream Crowdie Ice Cream)

Over the weekend the lovely Miss Rachel, of Rachel Running Wild, and her boyfriend invited us over for ice cream from the book I found for them on my Maklemore Challenge. Five flavors later I was dizzy, lethargic, and probably suffering from sudden onset diabetes. The five pieces of broccoli from the veggie tray were all that saved me from a sugar-induced coma. The ice cream was amazing. They served the best chocolate ice cream I’ve had in a long time, vanilla (I’ll punch you if you say vanilla is plain. Seriously. Watch out.), coffee stout, and cream crowdie. They all were amazing, but the chocolate and cream crowdie were my favorites.

Rachels' cat, Lila.

Rachels’ cat, Lila. She’s much bigger now. The cat, not Rachel. Rachel is still as tiny as she was in junior high.

Because Rachel is super-cool (she’s my sister, of course she’s super-cool), she wrote up a guest post about the recipe and the process to make the ice cream. But first, a bit about her: Rachel is the middle sister of our notorious Wisconsin clan. She went to college in Iowa at Luther College and has a health and environmental studies degree. Rachel is an avid promoter of organic home gardening and upcycling. (When I was a kid I called her a hippie because she had goofy round glasses. She didn’t talk to me for at least a week. Now when I call her that, she beams proudly. #truestory) She also loves the snow and all sports requiring the fluffy stuff, like skiing and snowshoeing. When it comes down to it though, she’ll always be a distance runner at heart. (Wow, typing all that up really drove home how shockingly different we are from one another. All the more reasons why we work so well with each other – not something I could always say!) But there are lots of similarities between us too. She runs her own blog, Rachel Running Wild (go check it out right now, I’ll wait for you.) She’s an animal lover and spends as much time outside as she can. We both go crazy for Parks and Rec and nearly any dessert we can get our hands on. Especially ice cream.

Ice cream never lasts long in our house. It’s the sole purpose for out freezer, really. We have a bag of peas and ice cube tray in there too, but that’s just to keep the ice cream company. We always have several WiLd flavors on hand – from Salted Caramel and Coffee Stout, to Beet. Yup, you read that right. Beet ice cream with Mascarpone, orange zest, and poppy seeds. Crazy stuff.

Where do we get these wild flavors? …well from milk, cream and sugar for starters! We bought this ice cream maker about two years ago and absolutely love it. Until trying your own (or someone else’s!) homemade ice cream, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. There’s definitely a whole new depth of flavor, creaminess, and just plain deliciousness that you get with homemade ice cream.

So when Krystal gave us her thrift shop findIce Cream: The Perfect Weekend Treat, I was a bit excited. We decided to turn it into an ice cream extravaganza! (And by extravaganza, I mean FIVE flavors of ice cream and nobody’s allowed to go home until they’ve tried them all.)

The recipe we decided to feature for the party was Cream Crowdie Ice Cream. According to the tidbit in our book, “Cream Crowdie is often considered the national dessert of Scotland… consisting of oatmeal, heavy cream, and Drambuie with (optional) raspberries.”  Sign me up!

Cream Crowdie Ice Cream

raspberry goodness

raspberry goodness



This was a easy ice cream to make and had pretty good flavor overall. The oatmeal added an interesting flavor, but took away a lot in the texture department. If you give this a try, leave the oatmeal out! (Recipe here, from Ice Cream: The Perfect Weekend Treat.)

Ease to prepare:


The recipe is super easy-peasy . Just toast 1/3 cup coarse oatmeal on a baking sheet in your 350° oven. It’s essentially a one-bowl recipe, especially since it doesn’t require heating anything on the stovetop.

toasted oatmeal makes the house smell oh soo homey!

toasted oatmeal makes the house smell oh soo homey!

Then combine your cream and sugar in a bowl and whip it to death.

see those stiff peaks? that's bliss my friends

see those stiff peaks? that’s bliss my friends

Now we get to kick this party up a notch! First add the honey for simplicity and sweetness…

happy honey bees come from Decorah, IA

happy honey bees come from Decorah, IA

…then add Drambuie because we’re having a good time.

Quality of Instructions:


The ice cream was delicious and there are a few more we want to try, but overall I don’t love the recipes in this cookbook. It’s easy enough to follow, but the recipes just don’t sound all that delicious. Instead, if you are looking for a comprehensive book of great ice creams from cover to cover, then I highly recommend Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. This queen of ice cream rocks at her trade. The things she comes up with are incredible. You can read all about Jeni here and even buy her ice cream… via snail mail! (they pack your ice cream with dry ice and send it off in an insulated box! …speaking of WiLd!

Now just try and tell me you don’t want to dance on this stuff like it’s a fluffy cloud. I dare ya!

fluffy goodness

fluffy goodness

Now you’re free-sailing – just place the mixture into your ice cream mixer bowl. Let it mix for about 10 minutes before adding your toasted oatmeal…

…and halved raspberries.



Tip: be quick about moving your ice cream from the maker to a freezer-cooled Tupperware. Homemade ice cream melts quickly, especially when it hasn’t had a chance to set in the freezer yet.

who get's to lick the mixer paddle?!

who get’s to lick the mixer paddle?!

My critique to this recipe centers around the oatmeal. It added a cozy, toasty flavor but was also coarse to chew. The party was 50-50 over whether or not the ice cream would have been better without oatmeal though so it really comes down to personal preference (flavor vs texture).

Clean Up:


This was a breeze, as far as ice cream goes. No pans on the stovetop, only mixer bowl, mixer paddle, and baking sheet for the oatmeal!

I think Little K was a bit jealous about the big kids eating ice cream all afternoon. Perhaps the first ice cream he ever tries though, will have to be our homemade ice cream. Might as well set his standards high right from the get-go, right?

baby K eating mamma's scarf instead of ice cream

Little K eating mamma’s scarf instead of ice cream



Drambuie is expensive! Especially if you don’t plan to use it very often – now you have a whole bottle of drambuie and no party on the books!

Have you ever hosted your own ice cream social? What was your flavor per person ratio? Ours was 1:1. A little much? I think no.


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