Facial Hair, or lack thereof (Crash Hot Potatoes)

The other night during dinner I told E he needed a haircut. In reply he said, “Yeah. I should probably shave too. But, when I don’t shave my face kind of feels like a teddy bear.” Umm, okay.

It’s true my man could never rock the Ned Flanders ‘stache. Believe me, he tried.  A couple of years ago he participated in Movember and this happened:

Movember Progress

Horrifying. I had to kiss that face good morning every day for a month, boys and girls. And the fact that his whiskers could be likened to a teddy bear, probably doesn’t put him in Ron Swanson’s good graces. E, go hammer a nail for crying out loud!!

The jury is still out on whether or not Little K will rock E’s hairless mole rat look (I shouldn’t joke, he’s proud of his two chest hairs) or Papa Wiesenberg’s Rip van Winkle look.


But there is this:

This picture is probably 3 months old and I don’t know if he’s sported the mustache pacifier since.

I think the look suits him.

What is the point? I don’t know. There isn’t one. But anyhow, crash potatoes. I made them for dinner the other night and we loved them! Until E said his face was like a teddy bear. Then I slowly backed away from the table.

Crash Hot Potatoes

Overall: four-star

The flavor in these were amazing. We loved them. But they were a pain in the arse to make. Mostly because Pdubs said they’d be just so easy, so I entered into this under false pretenses. Here’s the real story. (Recipe here, from Pioneer Woman.)

Ease to Prepare: two-star

First you boil your potatoes, then you smash them, then you bake them. It takes a while, but they taste a lot like a homemade french fry or hashbrown – as in, ah-mazing. But here’s the thing. I boiled the taters until they were fork tender. Put them on a cookie sheet to smash and proceeded to send whole potatoes flying around my kitchen. They were round, hot, and they didn’t want to smash. I tried a couple and then decided they needed a little more help. I scored an x on top of each one so they’d be more inclined to smash along a “fault line.” The slippery little buggers still wouldn’t sit still for me to smash and they were still pretty hot to hold (anyone up for a game of hot potato??), or they just smashed straight down and compacted themselves into a flat disk. So I tried something else. I cut them in half and put them on their flat side, then scored the top in an x again. That worked ok, but by now the potatoes were a huge mess. Not the cute single serving potatoes PW showed on her blog.

Pioneer Woman’s:

Krystal cooks’:

Not a bad presentation, just different. I think this could have been easier if I cooked the potatoes a little longer, but I don’t know for sure.

Instructions: two-star

The reason these were difficult to prepare mainly lies with the quality of the instructions. So here are my recommendations:

  1. Cook your potatoes to fork tender, and then cook them another 5 minutes.
  2. Cut your potatoes in half and lay them on their flat side before you start smashing them.

I think with those quick changes to the recipe, you’ll have a much easier time of it.

Food: five-star

We loved these. Gobbled them right up! They were good enough for company, and might even make my holiday dinner list the next time I’m hosting. You could get the boiling out of the way ahead of time and just smash and bake them before you’re ready to eat to save yourself some time. I’m already counting the days until my chives are up so I can try these with with a bit of chives. I used rosemary and it was phenomenal. I also put on plenty of salt (PW is on the money with that one – potatoes need salt!), pepper, and olive oil.

Clean up: four-star

The clean up for this was loads easier than it would be for mashed potatoes or twice baked potatoes, so think of it that way. Even so, all I had to clean was a pot, a cookie sheet, and a potato masher (excluding, of course, my olive oil splattered walls from the first couple potato smashes gone wrong).

Cost: one dollar

A great way to prepare rich, flavorful potatoes without having to buy a half a dozen different toppers. You don’t need the cheese, bacon, or sour cream for these puppies!


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