Snow Day Fake Out (Two Ingredient Pancakes)

Yesterday was a snow day, in theory. I expected E, Little K, and I would hunker down here at home and work/play in our respective corners of the house. Well E ended up having to run into work after all, my computer charger plunked out and sent me off to the Apple Store, and Little K decided to be a major fuss bucket. Granted, he does have a good reason. He has two teeth coming in on the top – not the two you’d expect though. Here is a extremely realistic rendition of what he’ll look like once these teeth come in:


Bit of a lop sided grin… His mood gets a little feisty for a couple hours and then he’s back to the giggly little guy he normally is. Then he fusses for a while, and then back to himself. It’s a cycle I can deal with.

Well despite the fact that we all were dragged out into the snow yesterday, our day still started off like a snow day: with PANCAKES!

Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Overall: three-star

Man, the ingredient list on these things was rough. Ok, not really. Banana and two eggs, that’s it. They weren’t as hard to prep as I expected and the flavor was ok. They definitely are pretty healthy (sans butter, syrup, chocolate chips…) and have a light texture – a lot like a crêpe. (Recipe here, submitted by Rachel.)

Ease to Prepare: four-star

You mash a banana and add two eggs. The part I was worried about was baking them and, especially, flipping them. I imagined a burning, sloppy mess. They cooked a little longer than a regular pancake before flipping and you had to go a little slow with the spatula, but flipping them was no big deal. It also helped that I kept the pancakes pretty small – silver dollar pancakes. There aren’t any tell tale signs when the pancake is done (like popping bubbles) so you just have to test things with the spatula and use the clock as a guide. It was a quick recipe too – definitely something you could make on a week day if you give yourself 10 extra minutes.

Instructions: four-star

There isn’t a whole lot to say about a two ingredient recipe. I appreciated that she had some suggested add-ins and toppings. I do wish though that there were a few photos of the preparation. Blogs make the best recipe resource and you can do as many big, colorful photos as you want.

Food: three-star

These are worth trying, but not something that will be too far at the top of my list to try again. E liked them fine, but I thought they had a strange after taste with them. Slather on enough nutella and you can’t tell the difference though. They were a lot like a crêpe, which I love. Thin and very light! We did the version with the yolks included and I think I’d recommend keeping the yolk in – they already are light enough and the protein is a good thing for breakfast. All in all, a very healthy option for breakfast and a fun change from my toast and hard boiled egg. Definitely a healthy breakfast you could trick the kiddos into trying!

Clean up: four-star

I mashed the banana with a fork and a measuring cup and then added the eggs right into the mashed banana before pouring it on a hot griddle. I was a little worried the griddle would be a hot mess (literally) once I was done cooking, but the pancakes cooked up fine and didn’t leave any burned on mess.

Cost: one dollar

I love the fact that this recipe makes use of something that could otherwise go to waste: old bananas. I have a freezer door full of frozen bananas waiting to be made into banana bread; I’m so happy to have another recipe to use them in.

Thanks, Rachel for submitting this recipe! You said you thought it might be like a “banana omelet.” Not so much – it’s definitely like a banana flavored pancake. The eggs don’t really come through on the recipe. If you decide to give it a try let me know what you think in the comments!


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