The Best of February, a.k.a. salty steak, internet memes, and a woman draped in mink

March snuck up on me. Somewhere between the daily snowy commutes and the barrage of sickness, February happened. And with it, a solid month of blogging. Yep, February was the first full month of this blog, and so I want to start a monthly tradition of doing the “best of.” Maybe I’m getting too into the spirit of award season, but I want to recap some of the great (and not so great) projects, recipes, or happenings of the last month.

Best place to people watch: A thrift shop, especially when you have Thrift Shop by Macklemore running through your head.

We found a shopper "draped in mink."

Best recipe resource: It sounds like ereaders and print outs from blogs take the cake on this one. Though I still love to look through a trusted cookbook.


Best way to drive your Superbowl party guests away: Serve them too much soup and then follow that up with double chocolate brownies. Ugh. My belly hurts just thinking about it…


Best way to spend a Sunday: Sleeping in late, staying in your jammies, and getting a massage. Oh, and sharing an old favorite with you all.

Best impression of glue: The breakfast risotto I made in the crockpot. A tasty treat the morning you make it, but it doesn’t reheat so well…


Best Hey Girl Internet Meme: E, in the Hey Girl Challenge (at least in my opinion).

eHeyGirl1 eHeyGirl2eHeyGirl3

Best way to prepare cheap steaks: With a huge amount of salt. Seriously, salting your steaks, letting them rest, then rinsing and drying before grilling = best steak ever.

Image from Steamy Kitchen.

Best way to ruin a Valentine’s Day meal: Serve your love something slimy and brown out of a crockpot.

Best way to pay your babysitter: With groceries and candy cane snowballs. Or maybe not with that second part. Next time I make those, I’m not sharing.

Best way to gauge your DIY/crafting skills: Participate in the Winter Pinterest Challenge. Spoiler alert: My crafting skills could use some work. Luckily all turned out well.


Your turn. How was your February? Any recipes that flopped or new favorites? How about a good people watching story? Let me know in the comments!


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