Better than Mittens in Minnesota: Naked New York Cocktail

It’s been one of those weeks. The kind that start off smooth sailing, but seem to steadily degrade as the days go by. After the first take of my Winter Pinterest Challenge (and subsequent flop), I was feeling pretty deflated.

Luckily all turned out well, but my energy was sapped. Follow that up with a tired momma (Little K really didn’t want to sleep in the hotel when we visited his aunt last weekend) some work snafus, a couple of crummy commutes, and some cancelled plans for this weekend and you end up with someone who needs a good stiff drink! Luckily it’s almost the weekend because I’m ready for a nice long mid-day nap! That’s my idea of a party these days, people. A mid-day nap and a good stiff drink. Probably in reverse order. Yikes. Sounds like the beginning of a problem to me…

Naked New York Cocktail

Overall: three-star

We worked with what we had on hand and ditched the pimentos in these olives.

This is a version of a martini with a savory spin on it with the blue cheese and olive addition. The flavor is unique, but not something I can imagine you’d crave very often. Also, it’s strong. I coughed for a bit and I’m not completely adverse to drinking strong drinks. E loved it though! (Recipe here.)

Ease to Prepare: five-star

The recipe in the cookbook tells you to stuff the olives with blue cheese, but if you can buy them pre-stuffed do it. We skipped that step all together and just threw a few crumbles in the bottom of the drink. I think it made for a better presentation – though not a polished presentation – plus it helped infuse the flavors more.

Instructions: four-star

I thought it was a little strange that the recipe tells you to get a slice of blue cheese as opposed to just buying blue cheese stuffed olives – they’re pretty readily available these days. I also don’t like how this cookbook gives you the amounts in terms of ounces as opposed to shots, but I think that’s probably a matter of preference and a way to keep the amounts more specific. I’ve heard that shot glasses can vary widely.

Food: two-star

It’s a unique presentation of a somewhat familiar drink. It’s not for the faint of heart though – the blue cheese and liqueur combo really packs a strong punch. It’s not for me, but E said he really liked it. His favorite part was eating the blue cheese at the end. He said it had marinated in the vermouth and was really tasty. I can’t imagine it’s something you’d want to make very often though because it is such a strong drink – in both flavor and alcohol content. Worth a try once though!

Clean up: five-star

Easy clean up, especially if you just add crumbles to the drink or buy pre-stuffed olives.

 Cost: two dollar

In a drink like this I think it’s more important to get quality liqueur. Since it’s not mixed with a juice or anything, the alcohol really is the star of the show (not just a means to an end).


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