Pinterest Overload: Skillet Chicken Parmesan (Updated)

Know what the problem with Pinterest is? It’s so freaking addicting!! I’m working on a Pinterest challenge (I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow) and so I’ve been spending more time over there than usual. Picture me waking up in the morning and pouring myself a warm cup of coffee, opening up Pinterest, thinking “ok, I’m gonna peruse the food and drink category.” Next thing you know it’s 2am, I’ve drank at least three pots of coffee, and I’m still wearing my pajamas. It’s a very dangerous possibility. Stay safe, be smart – have a Pinterest rescue buddy who will steal your computer if you’ve been on Pinterest for more than three hours straight. Little K is my buddy. Who’s yours?

No more computer time for you, Mom! (Actually, that’s not my computer. Mine is orange and blue, not yellow and blue.)

The point is, I have yet another Pinterest recipe that I tried for dinner the other day. I will again open up a real cookbook one of these days.

Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Overall: three-star

This is a very quick, very easy recipe. I didn’t find the flavor all that great though – pretty bland. A winner if you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal, though. (Recipe here.)

Ease to Prepare: five-star

I used our cast iron skillet, worked perfectly!

This recipe uses ingredients you probably have on hand, plus it’s a very fast, hearty meal. Like I said, a great weekday dinner, but nothing to serve to company.

Instructions: three-star

I used fresh basil since I had it on hand, but don’t bother. It got lost in the heavy marinara flavor.

Update: I forgot to mention. The ingredients and measurements for this recipe are all very odd amounts. Sixteen ounces of marinara? Two chicken breasts? My marinara jar was 24 ounces and chicken breasts usually come two to three packs. I ended up just using the whole jar and all of the chicken. I adjusted the rest of the ingredients too, so everything was in proportion. It wasn’t a ridiculous amount of leftovers, so I’d definitely recommend you do the same.

This recipe has a very short ingredient list and most of it doesn’t need any prepping. I appreciated that the recipe had details like “add the marinara slowly, it could splatter!” But I think it could have had a few more sub-in options like using fresh basil or using tomato sauce instead of marinara (really, you can use whatever you have on hand).

Food: three-star

Not a recipe that is going to rock your world. It’s tasty, and is even yummier with a slice of garlic bread, but it’s pretty generic. The marinara pretty much overwhelms the flavors of the mozzarella, Parmesan, and basil. It’s something you’d find at your average fast food Italian food joint, like Fazoli’s or something. I appreciate that the recipe is healthier since the chicken isn’t breaded, but you do gain back a lot of calories with all that cheese! Wonderful gooey presentation, but just not there in the flavor department. I do think this is one you could easily persuade your kiddos to dig in to though!

Clean up: five-star

Awesome clean up for such a hearty dish! You do all the cooking in one skillet and there isn’t a lot of ingredient prep to do. I heart one-skillet recipes.

 Cost: two dollar

So, here’s the thing. This is a super cheap, super affordable recipe. You don’t need fancy marinara or an expensive cut of meat. BUT, I gave it an extra dollar because you use a lot of cheese and I find that it’s completely lost. Seems like such a waste of yummy and amazing fresh mozzarella!


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    • I think I’ll always like my cookbooks. Just something about having a solid book in my hand from a source I know and trust. I’ve definitely cut back on my cookbook usage though! I’d say I get the most from blogs these days. I think I might give that Cooking Light recipe a try, thanks for the tip!!

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