Bullocks! I need a Black Stripe.

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Raise your hand if you love that book as much as I do! I honestly think it’s my favorite book ever. I love it more than Shakespeare or Flannery O’Connor, more than Twilight or Harry Potter, even more than The Pokey Little Puppy. If you’re having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day take a little time out:

Read to your babies.

Don’t you feel better? I happen to think being read to is one of the most relaxing things. Closing your eyes and listening to the cadence of the storyteller’s voice, imagining the story in your mind, and letting your thoughts drift away from all the clutter that was bothering you during the day. I hope you take time to read to your babies and I hope you let yourself be read to every once and again too.

Me? I’m read to every day. It’s my me time. I have a lengthy commute. Like 45 minutes to an hour on average, each way. In the morning I listen to talk radio (the hilarious TommyB) and on the drive home I make use of my Audible.com subscription and listen to audio books. Really I listen to one series. The Outlander Series. These books are loooong. Be prepared to think an encyclopedia looks small in comparison. But I have really grown to appreciate the length of these stories, the depth and detail with which the author tells her story. I have been listening to these books for years (no joke), and I am just now in the middle of book 6. The fact that there is only one more book out right now has me quaking in my boots! I talk about these characters, Jamie and Claire, Fergus, Ian, Brianna and Roger, Jem – even Adso the cat – like they are real people and a part of my daily life. Call me crazy, I don’t mind. E just rolls his eyes at me when I tell him that Claire is growing penicillium bacteria or that Roger made wee Jem a “vroom.” E is quite sure that the series is just a smut series, since – unfortunately – the few parts he’s listened to happened to be during Jaime and Claire’s, ahem, private time. It gets pretty raunchy, but no more than your typical blockbuster – I just think it’s more striking since it’s being dictated to you. The book has invaded my diction too. If I stub my toe or drop a bottle, I’ll likely yell out, “bullocks!” à la Claire (who is British).

Yesterday I was yelling “bullocks” a lot. Because it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (See how I brought it all back together again? I bet you were worried for a while, weren’t you. Fret not, I have a point!) I was making novice mistakes at work. I was running late all day long. I went over budget on something. I forgot Little K’s pumped milk at work. And, on top of all that, this cold is still waging its war on my sinuses.

By the time I got home I was past being irritated, I was in hysterics. Hys·ter·ic n. [def: A fit of uncontrollable laughing or crying.] Everything was funny and I was so giddy to be home with my family, I didn’t even care that my nose is plugged and the house is a mess. Little K ate his carrots with wild abandon – something his Papa would never do – and E made me this amazing hot “restorative” drink (so says the cookbook). I felt better while drinking it, and it went perfectly with my NyQuil too. *Lights out!*

Black Stripe Hot Cocktail

Overall: four-star

Ease to Prepare: five-star

This was such a simple drink to prepare. Set your teapot on the burner or nuke some water in the micro, then all it takes is a splash of rum and some honey to sweeten and you’re set.

Instructions: five-star

Do you even need a recipe for a drink like this?

Food: three-star

We used Kraken Rum in this drink, but I think you could really get away with any rum. The honey sweetens everything up. (Usually the Bacardi is saved for when my Dad visits. The man likes his rum and cokes!)

I was sure I’d hate this drink. I’m not a big hard liqueur gal, so nothing in the ingredient list was giving me much confidence. Rum and honey… Mmmm? But with the chilly weather and stuffy nose, this was the perfect thing. I didn’t have a full shot in mine, so it was mostly sweet, but the warm burn of the rum felt great in my congested chest. Still, I’d say save this drink for days when you’re home sick or snowed in. It’s not something to serve at a party or entertain guests.

Clean up: five-star

Nothing needed to be muddled (what an awesome word); no olives to skewer. This was a one-glass drink and, if you’re like me, you don’t even need to wash a shot glass. Just eyeball it. Looks like one finger? Great!

 Cost: one dollar

All this depends on the cost of your rum, I suppose. But for a drink like this no need to buy the top shelf goods.


2 responses

    • Hahaa, I’m sneaky like that! Yeah, it was just funny by the end of the day. It’s hard to be upset when you come home to a baby that is so happy to see you. Everything else just melts away. You’ll see! (Also, Happy Birthday, lady!!!)

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