The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge – Got $20 in my Pocket

When John and Sherry at Young House Love (YHL) issued the The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge, I knew I had to get in on the action.

If  you’ve haven’t been officially introduced, this is Macklemore and his song “Thrift Shop.”

(The official song, dirty words an’ all, is here if you’re interested.)

After a moment of inspiration listening to this song on their way to go thrifting, YHL came up with the “100% Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.”

The Challenge:

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture. DSCF4681

Actually I had $20.01 in my pocket. On my way into the store I found a penny - heads up - in the parking lot. Good omen or what?!

Actually I had $20.01 in my pocket. On my way into the store I found a penny – heads up – in the parking lot. Good omen or what?!

Step #2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

  • Basket: $5DSCF4693
  • Throw pillows: $6
  • Cookbooks: $7
  • Mug: 49 cents
  • Chopsticks: free (woot woot!)
  • Total: $19.78

I had went in with the intent of buying all kitchen related items, but found these super cute pillows that will go perfectly with the pillow I just put in my front bay window. Score! I’m not completely in love with the print, but I figure I can live with them for a bit and re-cover them if I hate them. I came across a really nice sized basket that I plan to stick in the basement for all of Little K’s burp cloths and toys that somehow keep gravitating down there. It keeps shedding, so I’m thinking about maybe spray painting it a clean white or maybe a fun “kid color” at some point. And, I didn’t leave empty handed in the kitchen department. I found a couple cookbooks. One is an ice cream cookbook that I actually plan on passing along to my sister and her boyfriend.


Lets play a pseudo game of Where’s Waldo. Can you find the Young House Love bookin this shot?

They make amazing ice cream and I thought there were some fun recipes in here to try. (I’m also hoping for a guest post out of the deal! *nudge nudge*) The other cookbook, My Kind of Cooking, includes recipes that only use between three and five ingredients. I thought it was a really fun concept and one that busy families might appreciate. I also found a fun little mug that I’m going to stick on one of my kitchen shelves. And lastly, I found a package of three sets of chopsticks, one set was missing. I’m lacking chopsticks in my arsenal of kitchen utensils, so I thought I’d start here. I was over the $20 limit, but the good people at Bethesda Thrift Shop threw them in for free. Too cool.

We did have one other find, but decided to leave it behind. Maybe next time.

I Almost got Litte K a new pram (every baby needs a pram, right?), but at $99.98 it was a little out of my price range.

Little K was petitioning for this; every baby needs a pram. But at $99.98 it was a little out of my price range.

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

Dressed in all pink (Pop your non-existing collar, yo!)

except my shoes, those are house slippers.
except my shoes, those are house slippers. Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right…

I gotta say though, I felt a little out done by one of the shoppers there. She had the “draped in leopard mink” covered!



This was a pretty fun challenge and I made out with some really great finds! E and I had a ton of laughs and I’m excited to try out some of these recipes. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to head over to YHL to see what they came up with and check out the other submissions!


2 responses

  1. Haa! This is too funny! The woman draped in mink is hilarious… if only she knew. PS the throw pillows are awesome, I am drooling over the color and print of that front pillow in particular.

    • Yeeeah, it was a little awkward taking her photo! I was really happy I found the pillows too! I had a couple other things picked out that I wasn’t super excited about and on the way to check out I saw the pillows. I yelled out, “best day ever!” Bit of an overstatement, but I was pretty excited. HA!

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