Icy Mornings Require Baked Oatmeal

icyFirst I just have to say, “Owweeee!!!”

It has been icy around my neck of the woods for the last several mornings. And it was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time. I fell, hard. After backing out of my garage and sitting with my car in park as it coasted down the driveway I realized we needed to salt the driveway, a bit. I was sure I had no traction to get back up the driveway in my car, so I got out and shuffled up the driveway in my dress shoes. I salted it. Shuffled back down to my car, reached out to grab the car for guidance. And fell on my bum. It actually didn’t hurt and there was no one around to see, so I just got up and hopped in my car laughing. Well now a full 24 hours later, turns out it did hurt. It hurt both my elbows, my back and my bum. Ah well. When I was a rough and tumble farm kid I was proud of my cuts, bruises, and scars. I’ll savor the aches and the next time E tells me, “I stubbed my toe and it really hurts!” I’ll tell him to suck it up. You didn’t see me complaining when I was body slammed by Mother Nature, yo!

Anyhow, yesterday I had a long day at worked planned. I knew I wouldn’t be home before Little K would be tucked into bed for the night, so I took my morning slow. I made my family a breakfast that consisted of more than toast and a banana. E and I had oatmeal, and Little K had rice cereal. Yum. It was still a weekday  so I didn’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, and I remembered a recipe my sister-in-law had told me about last weekend: oatmeal in a mug. This wasn’t the recipe she showed me, but it looked like a close cousin so I tried it!

‘Baked’ Oatmeal in a Mug

Dry ingredients.

Dry ingredients.

Overall: three-star

Ease to Prepare: five-star

It was nice to just dump everything in a mug, toss it in the micro, and continue getting ready. Also, it’s easy to personalize. Got someone who doesn’t like apples, throw in some blueberries! Extra hungry? Use a little more oatmeal and a splash of milk or an extra egg. Couldn’t be easier.

Instructions: five-star

Since it was so easy to prepare, the instructions didn’t need to be overly complex. These are easy to follow and clear.

Food: three-star

Morning of mugs. Juice, oatmeal, coffee.

Morning of mugs. Juice, oatmeal, coffee.

Good flavor, but here’s the thing – it didn’t do anything for me that regular stovetop or pre-packaged oatmeal can’t do. I liked having real, fresh fruit in it, but the time it took to prepare you could’ve made stove top oatmeal and thrown in some fresh fruit too. It was a much different texture than stovetop though, much drier and more hearty.

Also, it has an egg in it, which is a nice boost to the protein level. I actually used egg yolks, leftover from the Sesame Chicken and it worked great. And I didn’t have any bananas so I went with just apples and cinnamon, still a tasty treat! Also, I didn’t have quick oats and I was worried the traditional oatmeal wouldn’t cook down fast enough in the microwave, but it did fine. So I actually recommend using traditional oatmeal if you can, healthier for you!

Clean up: four-star

Since everything was made in one mug, it was really minimal clean up. The oatmeal was pretty “baked” on though, so it did require some scrubbing.

  Cost: one dollar

Very affordable, especially since I felt full enough that I didn’t need to stop in to Starbucks for a morning java!


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