Toasting to Another Year Together

E and I met while working at our college newspaper. He worked in the IT department and I worked in the PR and Communications department. It wasn’t love at first sight, in fact I thought he was just so incredibly socially awkward when I met him. A good friend, but not boyfriend material. Happily, I grew as a person in my last year of college and realized a person’s character has nothing to do with how much he partied or how tall his hair is. (Seriously, the man had some poofy hair. Also, sorry about the red eye and the random old lamp. That is Herbert the lamp. “I love lamp.” OK, not really, but watch this if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

Well when I saw the weekly writing challenge  over on The Daily Post it made me think of our honeymoon to Spain, with a cruise to Italy, France, and Corsica. The cobblestone streets, the old buildings, and of course the couple embracing. I’d like to imagine that the couple in the photo are perhaps on their honeymoon, or even still in the goofy grins and awkward goodbyes of a new relationship. It got me thinking about starts.The start of our marriage, the start of our family, and then I realized that somewhere along the lines we had stopped celebrating the start of our relationship. We started dating in December eight years ago. So tonight we toast, almost two months late, to eight wonderful years together. E, I’m so glad for holiday parties, sprained ankles, and Totinos pizza rolls.  I’m so glad for you. Love.

Orang-a-tang Cocktail

Overall: four-star

Cheers to us!

Cheers to us!

We chose this recipe because it used ingredients we had on hand and had a fun tropical feeling to it. Just the sort of thing I would’ve been sipping on our honeymoon cruise.

Ease to Prepare: four-star

The only difficult part of this was “floating the rum” on top of the juice at the end. You have to be very slow and very steady so it doesn’t break the plane of the liquid it’s being poured on to.

Instructions: five-star

Floating the rum.

Floating the rum.

Not an overly complex drink, but it included enough detail about “floating the rum” that we were able to pull it off fine. I appreciate how the instructions are succinct, but still provide details like needing a steady hand.

Food: three-star

Very sweet, but tart. It wasn’t a “knock my socks off” drink, but it was tasty enough. The grenadine in it gave it a bit of a candy-like aftertaste that I loved.

Clean up: five-star

There usually isn’t much clean up to a cocktail, and that’s the case here too. A shaker and a shot glass needed rinsing after – well worth the effort!

Cost: one-dollar

Very affordable and used ingredients we had around the house. Though, I actually felt as though it was missing something a little extra. Maybe sugar around the rim, some banana liqueur, or a splash of club soda.

An easy and tasty weeknight drink. Make one for you and yours soon and toast to another great year together!


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