Eating Healthier with Sesame Chicken

I’m feeling so worn down lately. Maybe it has something to do with me having to drive an hour each way to and from work. Maybe it’s because the weather around here has been crummy. Maybe it’s because we’ve had a fairly full schedule the last several days and next few. I don’t really know, but the result is me dragging myself out of bed and to and from work before falling into bed again after Little K goes down. For dinner last night I knew I wanted something substantial, but something that was healthy and light too. I found the perfect thing on Simply Scratch.

Healthy Sesame Chicken

Overall: four-star

Ease to Prepare: three-star


See this cute little chickie?
(It was a gift from my Grandma, thanks Grandma!)


Well his tail plumage (when was the last time you heard the word plumage dropped in casual conversation?) doubles as really impracticable measuring spoons. I love it! But I’m weird.

This wasn’t so much difficult as it was a matter of many steps. You’ve got a sesame sauce, dicing and cooking the vegetables, then a white sauce for the chicken, then cooking the chicken and adding it all back together again. It’s not a “I’m one handed right now because I’ve got a baby who missed me all day while I was at work and I’m tired and hungry and want to eat like 5 minutes ago” meal. But luckily Little K had fallen asleep on the way home so I could get the veggies diced and the sesame sauce mixed. And then E came home shortly after that so I had just enough time to nurse Little K before I passed him off to E and finished the rest of the meal.

Instructions: five-star

Simply Scratch was inspired by Pioneer Woman Cooks and it shows. She has loads of pictures in her blog post and outlines the instructions well in her printable version. Something I also think is important is the prep time, cook time, and yield of a recipe, and she has that covered to.

Food: four-star

This was a great dish – very light, but filling. I would’ve never guessed it was a “healthy dish.” I thought the white sauce for the chicken was an awesome compromise for the normal breading you see on sesame chicken, and I actually liked it a little better. In a dish of sesame chicken you get from the Chinese restaurant down the street, you can count on a few pieces of breading with little to no chicken in the middle. Not the case with this recipe, the breading was subtle. One thing I ran into though was when I added the chicken to the pan the egg whites in the breading did their thing and cooked up quick, so I had a mass of egg white with chicken in the middle. I broke up the egg white clump though and everything cooked fine.

I would’ve liked to have had a little more flavor to the dish. But ike I said, I’m weird, and I don’t like red peppers, so I went with only green peppers – so some of this is on me I’m sure. I added rooster sauce to the final product and loved it!

Clean up: three-star

There was a fair amount of cleaning to do with this dish. Happily only one pan to clean, but I used a cutting board for the chicken another for the veggies and then a few different bowls for the various sauces. E was a perfect gentleman though and did clean up since I cooked.


Serve it up alongside an Orang-a-tang cocktail. Yum!

Cost: four-star

This recipe was entirely from scratch. No frozen veggies or meat, which unfortunately means the cost was marginally higher too. Well worth the extra dollars!


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