Pioneer Woman’s Tomato Soup

Lets get started, shall we?

Today was another cold day in Minnesota. I mean cold. C.O.L.D. Like 20 below with the windchill. I only just recently realized that there is a great number of people who don’t know what that means. Twenty below. Below what? Below zero, people. It’s friggin’ 20 degrees below zero. Not below freezing, below zero. I won’t belabor this point any further, I think you get the idea.

Well anyhow, at this temperature a mere 5 minutes outside with any exposed skin could result in frostbite on the area. Cue the over-protective mother. My baby was bundled. He had his insulated overalls, his socks and robeez, his gap “russian czar” jacket, and to top it off we cover him with an equally insulated sleeping bag of sorts in his car seat. With all this you’d think maybe he was going to spend more than 30 seconds outside. Well no, he was just going to daycare, but those 30 seconds of walking from the car to the daycare door are dangerous, people. Be careful.

DSCF4517So I made sure Little K was warm and bundled, but what about E and I? Well I should think it’s pretty obvious. We had soup for dinner. It’s no surprise to me that my first review is of Pioneer Woman. I make something from her at least once a week (and I have the hips to prove it, thankyouverymuch). And tonight I made her Sherried Tomato Soup from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl, though it’s on her website here. I served it with a smoked gouda grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle. Oh, and wine. The recipe calls for sherry. I had white wine and a wine glass. What do you expect from me?! Honestly.

Pioneer Woman’s Sherried Tomato Soup

The overall rating: four-star

DSCF4533Ease to prepare: five-star

This has to be one of the easiest tomato soups I’ve ever made. It included dicing an onion, some tomato juice, a couple of cans of diced tomatoes, throw in some sherry and cream and you’ve about got it. Easy peasy. You know it’s an easy recipe when you have time to serve yourself a glass of the “cooking wine.”

Quality of recipe instructions: three-star

I made this recipe out of her cookbook and my biggest beef with this cookbook is how spread out the recipe is. I have to flip back and forth from the list of ingredients to the instructions. I have a cookbook holder that I use while cooking, so flipping the pages is really tedious. DSCF4539Gold star though for the number of pictures. Pioneer Woman’s claim to fame is the number of photos she includes in her posts, and the value of that isn’t lost on me.

Food Review: three-star

Great flavor, despite 80% of the ingredients calling a can or bottle their home 30 minutes prior. There was a great deal of texture. The diced tomatoes and onions didn’t cook down much and made this a very hearty soup. I wish they were a little finer, though I can’t blame the onion on pioneer woman – my sous chef was calling my name. DSCF4526And baby, when your sous chef is this cute you don’t ignore him.

Clean up: four-star

I only had one pan to clean up and lots of leftovers. Tomato soup only gets better with age, so no complaints there! The pan was a really easy clean up too – nothing requiring scrubbing.

Cost: one-dollar

I can’t think of a way to make this soup any more cost effective. Not a lot of fresh produce driving up the cost, but still a nice fresh hearty flavor.


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